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Protecting the Most Vulnerable

By: Corey Crigger, Esq.

In February 2022, we received a balance bill referral that was truly exceptional, but for all the wrong reasons. Our client received a staggering bill of over $675,000.00 after a premature delivery with major complications resulted in a two-month stay in the NICU. It was an unjust financial burden exacerbating an already challenging situation.

Our Efforts to Help: We immediately sprang into action, aiming to halt collection efforts while devising a strategy to achieve desired results. While the provider was unwavering in their stance, our #PatientDefenseProgram Partner Firm came to our aid. After over a year of negotiations, the provider eventually agreed to a settlement of an additional $50,000.

This isn't just a victory for The Phia Group and the Balance Bill SafeGuard program; it's a triumph for a family that should never have been subjected to this ordeal. If you're seeking to protect your clients from similar situations, get in touch with The Phia Group today.