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Stories from the Front Lines – A Collection of Recent Relevant Case Studies & COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

It has been said that failure is often the greatest teacher.  This is true both for the one that failed, as well as those who learn from others’ experiences.  Join The Phia Group as they share cautionary tales meant to enlighten, and ensure you don’t make the same mistakes or fall into the same traps.  From mishandled appeals to fiduciary breach; misapplication of plan terms to compliance violations; dubious provider billing schemes to abusive treatment facilities; by witnessing others’ unfortunate experiences (and hearing how The Phia Group responded), you will be better prepared when similar issues affect you.  Don’t worry; the names have been changed to protect the innocent! 

UPDATE: On September 9th, President Biden made an important announcement regarding federal COVID-19 vaccine and testing mandates. The federal mandate would impact private employers and some 80 million employees. In this webinar, our legal team will address this unprecedented mandate and the impact it will have on private employers and their self-funded plans.

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