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The Bay State Crystal Ball - How Massachusetts May Predict the Future for America's Healthcare

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Mitt Romney has been distancing himself from the healthcare reform he signed into law whilst governing Massachusetts.  His team has responded to comparisons between “Romneycare” and “Obamacare,” stating that the two laws are vastly different, and vary based on scope of coverage, communities they apply to, and terms themselves.  That being said, we can still draw many parallels between the two.  Those of us who fail to look at the Bay State as a prototype for post-PPACA America are missing an opportunity to gaze into the future.  From early successes, to a gradual bloating of the program… from red-tape, to recent moves to address the actual cost of care… the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is certainly a crystal ball.  Join us as we dissect The Phia Group’s home state, and attempt to predict the nation’s future.