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The Forum Redux

After a three-year hiatus, The Phia Forum resumed on July 11th, exclusively geared toward Independent Consultation and Evaluation (“ICE”) clients, many of whom have been using Phia’s health care cost containment services for over two decades. During the two days of events, the first of which occurred at The Phia Group’s new office in Canton, Massachusetts, “ICE” clients enjoyed seminars highlighting enhancements to current services while learning how new developments in healthcare—and American legal landscape— will impact their businesses.

In his introduction, CEO Adam V. Russo emphasized Phia’s proactive approach toward providing innovative healthcare cost containment services to countless hardworking Americans struggling to afford healthcare services amid runaway inflation and a looming recession. Behind The Phia Group’s mission to alleviate such burdens for American employees, health plans can be empowered to generate, manage, and customize cost containment mechanisms to maximize benefits while minimizing costs. Thus, employees are not merely participants on their respective health plans, but instead engaged consumers of healthcare. If you’re going to be an engaged consumer of cars and big-ticket electronic items, why not be one of healthcare?

As Attorney Russo and Attorney Ron E. Peck, Chief Legal Officer, explained, The Phia Group, a pioneer in the healthcare cost containment field, practices what it preaches. Every innovative feature that Phia endorses—from insertion of new language for plan document drafting to employee-based incentives—has been tested internally first. Indeed, innovation was a central theme of the forum. During the two-day conference, there were demonstrations, such as one led by Attorney Kevin Brady, illustrating how Phia uses next generation data analysis to help clients exploit opportunities for healthcare subrogation recovery while offsetting unforeseen balance-billing charges. Furthermore, as Phia has expertise in facilitating process efficiency, Joe Montalto, Chief Operating Officer, and Attorney Jennifer McCormick, Senior Vice President, Consulting, demonstrated how clients could incorporate Phia’s cutting-edge methodologies into their internal processes.

Regarding legal compliance matters, not only was there an in-depth overview of self-funded health plan compliance with federal law statutes (ERISA, HIPAA, COBRA) against the backdrop of ever-shifting state laws but also responses to questions like “who does the No Surprises Act affect?” Naturally, decisions handed down in such momentous cases as Marietta Memorial Hospital Employee Health Benefit Plan v. DaVita Inc. and Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization were discussed regarding their potential impact on the self-funded industry and, in particular, plan sponsors.

Overall, this year’s Phia Forum served its twofold purpose of educating clients about current and forthcoming opportunities for maximizing their partnership with Phia while providing them with a platform to share feedback. Looking ahead, Phia is already excited about hosting its next Phia Group ICE Forum in June 2023.

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