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The Light at the End of the COVID Tunnel – Pandemic Fallout and Permanent Changes

As we turn the page on the COVID-19 pandemic and witness a gradual return to normalcy, we – as both members of the health benefits industry, and employers – must assess the fallout, and determine which changes are temporary, and which aren’t going anywhere.  From how we seek and deliver healthcare to rules controlling how we pay for it, join The Phia Group’s team on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, at 1:00 PM EST, as they discuss pandemic era regulations – such as ARPA and the American Families Plan, analyze employer “return to work” policies, as well as predict how the past year will impact the future – and cost – of health care.  Following the free webinar, the team will conduct two breakout sessions.  The first will provide a deep dive into COVID-19’s effect on health care providers, influence on patient behavior, and how both will result in higher costs for the foreseeable future.  The second will provide a deep dive into employer policies, best practices, and what every organization needs to know as they welcome their teams back to the office.

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Breakout #1: The Future Cost of COVID-19

Breakout #2: Welcome Back; Not So Fast…