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Limits of Arbitration Provisions on Participant ERISA Claims

On May 9, 2022
A recent sixth circuit decision shows limits of arbitration provisions on participant ERISA claims. Read our blog to find out the latest actions taken.

The Mess in the American Healthcare System | The Phia Group

On April 25, 2022
Do you have someone to relate to when it comes with the health care system? This blog discusses some of the hardships people go though with healthcare.

California Law Still Governs Most Surprise Bills

On April 14, 2022
Learn about the letter California recently issued detailing the relationship between the No Surprises Act and their existing balance billing protections.

My Blood (Sugar) is Boiling

On April 8, 2022
Insulin is vital to treating diabetes. Learn about regulations trying to limit the price of insulin and what that means for health plans and patients.

Texas’ New Pre-Authorization Exemption Law

On April 4, 2022
Learn about the new law pre-authorization exemption law in Texas and whether this would prohibit health plans from incentivizing pre-authorization.

Temporary Relief: Telehealth Coverage and HDHPs

On March 22, 2022
Learn about the CARES Act, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, and how they temporarily extended HSA relief for HDHPs and telehealth coverage.

A Snowball’s Chance: Mental Health Compliance Push is Rolling Down the Hill

On March 15, 2022
Learn about how health plans are struggling to maintain MHPAEA compliance, insufficient NQTL comparative analyses, and how you can avoid these issues.

Relief Could be on the Horizon for Diabetic Americans

On March 14, 2022
Learn about the legislation introduced to ease the financial burden on millions of diabetic Americans by capping insulin prices at 35 dollars per month.

Altogether Now

On March 4, 2022
Wondering what to do about the increasing costs of providing health benefits? Learn about moving from a traditional insurance model to a self-funded plan.

Mental Health Parity: The Hits Just Keep on Coming

On February 22, 2022
Read about the burdens imposed on self-funded plans by the MHPAEA. Learn about challenges from Non-quantitative Treatment Limitation (NQTL) analyses.

The Tax Man is Dead; Long Live the Health Plan!

On January 21, 2022
Learn the difference between healthcare and health insurance, and why health plans, health insurance and employers are often the targets of policies.

Reasons for the Value-Based Care Gap Between Public Payers and Employer Groups

On January 10, 2022
Learn about the value-based care (VBC) gap between Medicare and employer-based group plans and how this translates to real-world price disparities.

Don’t Swear Off MHPAEA Compliance for the New Year

On December 29, 2021
Have you been keeping up with your Non-Quantitative Treatment Limitations (NQTL) analyses? Learn about the processes needed to ensure MHPAEA compliance.

The Fear Group

On December 17, 2021
Learn about the impact Covid had on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and the new trend of network replacements with reference-based pricing (RBP).

The NBA Health Care Scandal

On October 28, 2021
Learn more about health care fraud in sports leagues, the recent NBA health care scandal and what health care plans can do to prevent fraudulent behavior.