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The Benefits of Direct Primary Care | The Phia Group

On May 27, 2022
In this episode of The Phia Group’s Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Nick Bonds and Corey Crigger, discuss Direct Primary Care (DPC). This was a hot topic at a recent conference Nick attended and a subject near and dear to Corey. Join them as they discuss the benefits and practical issues to consider when looking to this tremendous option for augmenting your employee benefits plan.

Changing Laws & Changing Relationships | The Phia Group

On May 13, 2022
Here you can find our podcast explaining the emerging/changing laws & trends as well as changing relationships in our Empowering Plans: P133

Congress’ Proposals to Limit Insulin Costs | The Phia Group

On April 15, 2022
Here you can find a podcast explaining the effects of the congress proposal concerning the cap on the cost of insulin in our Empowering Plans: P133

Empowering Plans: P132 - Planning for Parity: Exploring The Enhanced DOL Enforcement Efforts

On April 1, 2022
This podcast discusses how the CAA enhanced DOL enforcement mechanisms. Learn about the DOL's evolving approach to MHPAEA and the impact on plan sponsors.

Empowering Plans: P131 – A Balancing Act of Reduction Requests and Plan’s Fiduciary Duties

On March 18, 2022
This podcast features a deep dive into reduction requests and Plan's fiduciary duties. Learn why a reduction can be in a Plan's best interest and more.

Empowering Plans: P130 – Healthcare Policy in the State of the Union Address

On March 4, 2022
This podcast talks about Biden's first State of the Union Address. Learn about the important healthcare policy items he discussed and which he didn't.

Empowering Plans: P129 – Single Scoops Only (No Double Dipping): COVID OTC Testing

On February 18, 2022
This podcast discusses over-the-counter COVID testing. Learn more about the issues surrounding up-front payment by participants with account-based plans.

Empowering Plans: P128 – The Comparative Analysis: A Year in the Life

On February 3, 2022
In this podcast, we analyzed an entire year's worth of NQTLs. Listen to learn about our practical considerations for health plans and key takeaways.

Empowering Plans: P127 – What is Required for Plans for OTC COVID-19 Testing Coverage?

On January 20, 2022
This podcast is about the OTC Covid testing coverage requirement. Learn about how this interacts with other Covid coverage requirements and more.

Empowering Plans: P126 – Challenges and Opportunities with Value-Based Care for 2022

On January 6, 2022
This podcast talks about the challenges and opportunities of value-based care. Listen to learn about what it is, where it's at now and where it's headed.

Empowering Plans: P125 – The Night Before an Emergency Room Visit

On December 22, 2021
This podcast discusses the basics of recovering subrogation dollars. Learn about identifying subrogation opportunities through an entertaining story.

Empowering Plans: P124 – Healthcare Subrogation and Plan Document Requests

On December 10, 2021
This podcast talks about what a health plan should do in the event of a pesky U.S.C. 1024(b)(4) records request. Listen to learn more details.

Empowering Plans: P123 – Supreme Court Takes Major Dialysis Case

On November 23, 2021
This podcast discusses the history of dialysis case law and different legal interpretations. Learn about the important developments and future predictions.

Empowering Plans: P122 – COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Update

On November 12, 2021
This podcast discusses the controversial OSHA vaccine mandates. Learn about where they started, where they are now, and the new legal challenges arising.

Empowering Plans: P121 – Transplants: The Future is Now!

On October 29, 2021
This podcast discusses the topic of organ transplants. Listen to learn about interspecies organ transplants and Covid's impact on organ trade.