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Empowering Plans: P120 – To Appeal, or not to Appeal

On October 15, 2021
This podcast talks about the No Surprises Act. Listen to learn about what constitutes a basis for appeal and what should be disputed per the NSA.

Empowering Plans: P119 - Workers' Compensation & COVID-19 Claims

On September 30, 2021
This podcast discusses how current Workers’ Compensation regulations impact health plans, and who is responsible for employees' COVID-19 related claims.

Dialysis Carve-Outs and Network Contracts: Like Oil and Water

On September 30, 2021
Learn about the major legal challenges the Affordable Care Act is facing, how the Supreme Court is handling them and potential future challenges.

Stories from the Front Lines – A Collection of Recent Relevant Case Studies & COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

On September 21, 2021
Don't make these same mistakes. Learn from various case studies on mishandled appeals, fiduciary breach, misapplication of plan terms, and more.

Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters – Are they Ethical?

On September 17, 2021
Learn about the ethical considerations of pushing Covid booster shots when much of the developing world is still without vaccines at all.

Empowering Plans: P118 – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

On September 17, 2021
Our experts discuss what happens when limited settlement funds force Plans to consider a reduction. Learn more in this podcast by The Phia Group.

Biden Administration Announces Sweeping New Vaccine Mandates

On September 10, 2021
Learn about the impact and potential challenges that federal employees, healthcare workers, and private sector employees face with the vaccine mandates.

Empowering Plans: P117 – Boost Your COVID-19 Vaccine Knowledge

On September 1, 2021
This podcast discusses the FDA's approval of Pfizer's COVID booster. Learn what you need to know about implementing premium penalties for the unvaccinated.

The Status of Major Legal Challenges to the ACA

On August 25, 2021
Learn about the Supreme Court's decision after 18 states threaten the Affordable Care Act, putting 31 million Americans at risk of losing coverage.

The Provider Perspective – Analysis and Response to How Providers are Reacting to Recent Rule Changes and Reform

On August 24, 2021
Are you prepared for the new healthcare pricing rule changes? Learn about best practices to fight back against abusive provider billing tactics.

Empowering Plans: P116 – Right to Repair and Healthcare

On August 20, 2021
This podcast discusses Biden’s executive order on right to repair. Learn how it impacts healthcare costs, patient safety and intellectual property rights.

A Failure to Communicate

On August 13, 2021
Learn why honesty and transparency are the best policies in health insurance. Read about how Covid shows us the negative impact of poor communication.

Empowering Plans: P115 – A Lightning Round of Healthcare Updates

On August 6, 2021
In this podcast, the experts at The Phia Group discuss numerous topics currently buzzing around the health benefits industry. Listen to learn more.

Empowering Plans: P114 – Time to Vent!

On July 23, 2021
This podcast discusses key mistakes and false beliefs dominating the media, politics, and the general public. Learn how this impacted recent rulemaking.

Canadian Drug Importation – Back on Track (but not for everyone)

On July 19, 2021
Learn about what the Biden administration clarified regarding the future of fully legal foreign drug importation programs in the recent executive order.