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Theories v. Practicality: The Simplest Answer is Often the Best!

On November 18, 2019
Whether you believe that a breach of contract action against a plan participant is allowed, it’s better to be able to prevent the money from being put at risk. 

Warren and Buttigieg Cross Swords Over Health Care

On November 15, 2019
The Democratic candidate, Elizabeth Warren, known for her multitude of plans and granular policy detail, has officially unveiled her Medicare for All plan. 

Faces of Phia: Episode 19 – Shauna Makes a Comeback

On November 15, 2019
Join Adam Russo and Ron Peck as they interview Shauna Mackey, The Phia Group’s Associate General Counsel. Shauna is back in New England after moving to London, and was fortunate to have had private health insurance through her husband’s company, as opposed to utilizing the public healthcare offered to all residents in England. Tune in to learn more about Shauna and her experience with both public and private healthcare throughout her pregnancy and delivery.

Plan Language, Rx, and Lawsuits to Watch (and File): Innovation for a Changing Industry

On November 13, 2019
In the face of evolving pricing models, ever-increasing drug costs, difficulties in administering claims, and increased regulatory burdens, the players in the self-funding industry need change. Not just any change, though; creative change that promotes cost-containment and makes life easier for those who support health benefit plans in one way or another.

An Objective Analysis and Response to Elizabeth Warren’s “Ending the Stranglehold of Health Care Costs on American Families”

On November 7, 2019
Ron Peck provides an objective analysis on Senator Elizabeth Warren's policy paper, “Ending the Stranglehold of Health Care Costs on American Families.”

Happy (Almost) New Plan Year!

On November 6, 2019
Don't let the hectic Fall season bring you down - we've compiled helpful tips for employers to keep in mind as they review health plans for the new year.

Hospitals Jump Into the Fray – New Lawsuits Against Opioid Manufacturers

On November 4, 2019
A drug manufacturer is being tried for its role in America's opioid crisis. Since, hospitals have joined up in a handful of lawsuits in state courts.

Faces of Phia: Episode 18 – Battling Balance-Billing

On November 4, 2019
Join Adam Russo and Ron Peck as they interview Lyneka Hubbert, a Medical Claim Negotiator here at The Phia Group. Lyneka has worked in six different departments throughout her five years at Phia, and has more in store for her future here. Tune in to learn more about Lyneka and her experience with protecting patients from balance bills.

The Tower of Babel – Talking Heads Talking Past Each Other

On October 31, 2019
As the 2020 Presidential Election approaches, healthcare is one issue that everyone is talking about; but are they speaking the same language?

Don’t Get Bit: Avoid Falling Into the COBRA Snake Pit.

On October 28, 2019
Despite its relative simplicity in a qualified beneficiary's perspective, COBRA is a lot less simple when viewed through the eyes of an employer.

Tales From the Plan: Episode 5 – Translating Phia’s Benefit Plan

On October 24, 2019
Join Adam Russo and Ron Peck as they interview The Phia Group’s Human Resources Manager, Linda Pestana. Learn how Linda was able to navigate our health plan and negotiate with a provider to make her son’s hearing aids affordable. Additionally, Linda discusses another story regarding Phia’s health plan, and how it has completely erased the out-of-pocket expense for a medication another employee previously paid $800.00 a month for.

2020 Forecast - Storm Clouds, Clear Skies, and the Issues that will Dominate Next Year

On October 23, 2019
2020 is almost here, and The Phia Group continues its webinar series dedicated to preparing you for renewals, and the coming year. Join the team for this free webinar as they discuss the issues that impacted 2019, and are poised to dominate 2020, including (but not limited to) Mental Health Parity, Paid Leave, Health Insurance Taxes, Drug Prices, Regulations, and Coupons.

Battle Lines Drawn over Medicare for All in the Latest Democratic Debate

On October 21, 2019
Healthcare played an essential role in how the audience identified distinctions in candidates in the most recent Democratic debate.

The Phia Group's 4th Quarter 2019 Newsletter

On October 21, 2019
The Phia Group is off to a great start in the fourth quarter of 2019! Check out our newsletter to get acquainted with some of the latest happenings in our neck of the woods.

The “Greatest of Three” Rule & Barriers to Compliance

On October 17, 2019
Seeing a plan get sued over a denial isn't good, but can compel useful guidance. The issue is its failure to provide information needed to comply.