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Suicidality On the Rise Amongst Missouri’s Child Medicaid Population

On April 10, 2019
A recently released study highlighted some alarming numbers relating to the rates of suicidal thoughts and actions among children. Click to read more.

New DOL Opinion Letter: Employers May Not Delay FMLA Leave Designations

On April 8, 2019
The Department of Labor recently stated that an employer may not delay designating a leave of absence, as a leave under FMLA. Learn what this means for you.

Faces of Phia: Episode 10 - Tales From The Lost Filing Room

On April 5, 2019
In the latest episode of Faces of Phia, Adam and Ron dig up tales from the days of old with future industry leader and veteran employee, Amanda Grogan. Tune in for an episode filled with trips down memory lane, tests of knowledge, and a Rumspringa?

Be Transparent – Tell Me What You Really Want!

On April 3, 2019
Diving deeper into the transparency of healthcare costs, what do you really want? The best or the most expensive?

The Final AHP Rules Take a Hard Hit

On April 1, 2019
A federal court has ordered certain provisions of President Trump’s Association Health Plan (“AHP”) Final Rule to be vacated. Learn what that means for you.

Empowering Plans: P68 – Breaking News - Federal Judge Blocks Expansion of AHPs

On March 29, 2019
Last night, a federal judge in Washington, D.C. ruled that the Department of Labor’s new rules that expanded the sale of association health plans (“AHPs”) violate existing law. Those rules applied to fully-insured AHPs in September 2018, to existing self-funded AHPs in January 2019, and would have permitted new self-funded AHPs on April 1, 2019. If this ruling stands, it will have a significant impact on the self-funded industry. The Phia Group will have extensive analysis of this decision in the coming days. For now, join Adam and Brady as they unpack this 43-page order and discuss what it all means for employers, TPAs, brokers, and the broader industry.

Empowering Plans: P67 – Employee Takeover: Self-Funded Health Plans from the Member's POV

On March 26, 2019
Listen in as The Phia Group’s Marketing & Accounts Manager, Matthew Painten, and Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Philip Qualo, dissect Phia’s very own Self-funded health plan. These guys aren’t holding back and you don’t want to miss out on this podcast!

ERISA Violations Due to Restrictive Claim Guidelines

On March 25, 2019
A recent case development has added another layer to compliance when it comes to covering mental health benefits. Click to read more.

FDA Chief Resigns – Why It’s A Loss for Self-Funding

On March 20, 2019
Scott Gottlieb was recently relieved of his duties as the commissioner of the FDA. Learn more about what his departure means for the healthcare system

RBP: Sticking It To The Man

On March 18, 2019
Employers primarily choose to utilize reference-based pricing programs to cut costs. Learn more about the real benefits of these methodologies.

Transparency: A Building Block of Self-funding

On March 14, 2019
Whether from unpredictable provider charges, “black box” claims repricing, mysterious PBM rebates, or unobtainable claims data, entities operating in the self-funded space such as employers, TPAs, brokers, and stop-loss carriers have been forced to deal with a systemic lack of transparency.

Drug Importation: A Word of Caution

On March 7, 2019
A rising trend has been the procuring prescription drugs from abroad. Learn more about the potential risk most employers don't consider with these programs.

The Opioid Crisis: How Employers & Self-Funded Health Plans Can Combat This Epidemic

On March 5, 2019
Each year more and more Americans overdose on prescription opioid drugs. Learn more about how employers can combat the epidemic.

Empowering Plans: P66 - Bigger in Texas

On February 28, 2019
Join The Phia Group’s Ron Peck and Brady Bizarro as they discuss Brady’s recent trip to Austin and presentation at the Texas Association of Benefit Administrators; with a focus on employee engagement, new ideas for cost containment, and an in depth analysis of pending litigation challenging the legality of ObamaCare. Yeah… You’ll want to tune in for this one.

Too Early to Worry About 2020? Never!

On February 27, 2019
It's never too early to start planning. Learn more about the two things health plans should pay attention to with the recent and future ACA changes.