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IP Law vs. Drug Prices – Round Two, Fight!

On June 24, 2019
It's no surprise that drug prices are far too high. New IP laws are attempting to change this with drug price transparency. Learn more about its impact!

The Impact of State, Federal Laws, and Current Market Trends on Self-Funding

On June 20, 2019
Attention, self-funders: things are happening! State and federal governments have been busy beavers, either passing legislation or at least looking into it. Whether it's surprise billing laws, Medicare-for-all initiatives, or public exchange options, you need to know about it.

No No-fault – Michigan Revamps its Auto Insurance Rules

On June 19, 2019
Michigan's Senate passed sweeping legislation to get the state's auto insurance rates under control. Learn more about this new law and how it can impact you.

MA PAID FAMILY & MEDICAL LEAVE UPDATE: Required Contributions Delayed…and Increased

On June 17, 2019
Massachusetts has delayed its contributions for its Paid Family & Medical Leave program. Stay up to date on upcoming changes to coverage plans and policies.

Tales From the Plan: Episode 1 – Putting the Benefit in Benefit Plan with Jennifer McCormick

On June 14, 2019
In our inaugural episode of “Tales from the Plan,” our own Sr. VP of Consulting, Jennifer McCormick, opens up and candidly discusses her own experience as a consumer of healthcare of healthcare and member of The Phia Group’s health plan. Jen is brutally honest, and will make you realize that anyone can be taken advantage of, and anyone can take advantage of, our nation’s healthcare system. This is mandatory listening.

Faces of Phia: Episode 13 – Glutton for Punishment

On June 12, 2019
Amanda Lima celebrates more than 6 years with Phia (most of that time working closely with Adam), by chatting about her time here, the company, and the amazing work she’s doing on our clients’ behalves – delving deeply into matters of excessive and abusive provider billing. This is a topic about which everyone is buzzing, and Amanda has got the dirt!

Will Sex Discrimination be Re-Defined?

On June 6, 2019
Learn more about the US Department of Health & Human Services' (HHS) proposed revision of the Affordable Care Act to exclude terms within sexual discrimination.

List Prices in TV Ads: Will This Help?

On May 31, 2019
Big changes are coming to drug advertisements on TV. Learn how price transparency will affect the healthcare industry & its manufacturers.

Denial & Appeal Case Study: A Deep Dive (Literally)

On May 28, 2019
When you analyze a Plan Document, how can you know which words to rely on? Read this denial & appeal case study to learn how to better approach the situation.

To Pay, or Not to Pay … The Guide to Handling Claims, Denials, and Appeals

On May 23, 2019
Join The Phia Group’s legal team as they discuss the good, bad, and ugly truths about the claims process, and how to safely navigate the various TPA and health plan duties associated with it.

IP Law vs. Drug Prices

On May 20, 2019
Are you being overcharged by your healthcare plan for your own prescriptions? Learn more about IP Law and Drug prices. Call us for a claim negotiation!

CMS Finalizes Drug Price Transparency Rule

On May 17, 2019
New rules in drug pricing transparency will require prescription manufacturers to provide wholesale prices to consumers in television ads. Learn its impact!

Faces of Phia: Episode 12 – Pat 'the Man' Santos Has Got it In the Bag

On May 7, 2019
In this groundbreaking episode, Pat 'the Man' Santos – our silent producer, is silent no longer! Listen (if you dare) as he grabs the mic and goes toe to toe with our hosts. Learn of his daring escape from mediocrity, journey of self-awareness, and eventual role with The Phia Group. This is the one you’ve been waiting for. Don’t miss it.

Big Pharma Executives Testify Before Congress (Again)

On May 3, 2019
Executives from major drug companies testified before the Senate Finance Committee. Read about their proposed solutions for price increases & transparency.

The Final AHP Rules Take a Hard Hit (Part 2)

On April 29, 2019
The courts recently vacated the provisions set by the AHP rules. Learn more about future implications these changes may have for you and your employer.