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Changes to The Phia Group's Reporting Portal

Staying true to its mission of reducing the cost of healthcare through the use of innovative technology, The Phia Group is proud to announce new advancements now available to our clients, via The Phia Group’s reporting portal.

Password Recovery – We’ve updated our password recovery process, newly offering users a “Forgot Password” link, automatically submitting a password recovery/reset request.

On-Demand Status Reports – Reports now include new search tools, enabling you to look up individual cases using Case Numbers, Member Names, and Patient Names. You can also review a detailed listing of the claims we recover, for each and every case we handle.

Historical Overview Report – Data refresh intervals populating our historical recovery reports are now updated on a daily basis.

On January 4, 2017, some members of The Phia Group's staff presented a webinar to explain the new changes.

Click here to download the presentation.